History of our Village Hall

Before Barroway Drove had a Village Hall, meetings and events took place in the school.  However, in 1949 a new Women’s Institute was formed, with 80 members attending; this group decided that the village needed a Hall where they, and other groups, could meet.

WI fundraisingWI Fundraising 

Land was given by the Lewis family and after much hard work fundraising a new Hall was opened in 1952.   The new Hall was very well used and appreciated by village residents, with many different groups using it on a regular basis – at that time the village even had its own drama group!

coronation gates david lewis                                                               Children at the opening of the previous Hall WI.jpg                                                                         The WI at the Hall they fundedDrama Group                                                                                     The Drama Group

By the late 1970’s the ‘new’ Hall was starting to show it’s age so fundraising began again.

village hall 1982 cropped

The current Hall was opened by Mr & Mrs Feetham (nee Lewis) in 1982, when a grand event was held to mark the occasion.

Opening of Village Hall 1982 3 The Opening of the Current Hall

The current Hall has had its fair share of dramas, including a period of closure in the 1990’s, when a problem with the roof was discovered.  The Hall costs around £6000 per year to maintain but continues to serve residents well and will hopefully do so for many more years to come.

img008.jpgAn article in the paper about the Hall Opening


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