Playing Field

In 1963 a new play area was unveiled next to the Village Hall.

newspaper clipping

This equipment was enjoyed by many children for over 25 years but eventually had to be removed in the 1990s due to safety issues.

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In the early 2000’s the Social Committee hoped to raise funds for new equipment but after much hard work and advice from local groups such as Norfolk Rural Community Council, it was agreed that ongoing maintenance and insurance costs prohibited the project from moving forward and today the only ‘equipment’ is the Teenage Shelter.

teenage shelter

Over the years the village has had been home to some thriving and successful Crickets Clubs and Football Teams and the playing field behind the Village Hall was in constant use.  There was also a well-used Cricket Pavilion.

Village Football TeamThe football team.Village Cricket TeamThe cricket team.

Over the years membership of these clubs declined and eventually the teams disbanded.  The pitches fell into a state of disrepair and in 2014 The Social Committee decided that the area that had once contained the pitches should be let out for grazing land.

Today the grassed area at the side of the Hall is often used as an overspill parking area and for the occasional Car Boot Sale.  Behind the Hall, the newly decked area means that people hiring the Hall can enjoy being outdoors again.

the playing field

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